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How To Handle The Awkward First Visit With A New Gynecologist

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The first visit with a new gynecologist is a difficult task for many women. After all, you are inviting somebody to examine your most private areas. Thankfully, it doesn't have to be a major issue. The following tips are designed to help acclimate you to a new gynecologist, whether it's your first gynecologist or just the latest.

Understanding Personal Bubbles

First of all, it's important to understand why meeting a new gynecologist is so unsettling. Everyone has a variety of personal space "zones" that dictate how they react to the presence of people. As people move closer to you through these zones, your anxiety level often increases. These personal space zones include:

  • Public space – 25 feet
  • Social space – 12 feet
  • Personal space – 4 feet
  • Intimate space – 1.5 feet

A gynecologist will definitely enter your "intimate space," the area which we reserve only for our closest and most beloved family members, friends, and pets. Having a stranger like a gynecologist suddenly in your intimate zone is frightening, but understand it's okay to feel a little anxious. Just don't dwell on that anxiety.

Bring a Friend

If you're truly anxious about your first examination, don't be afraid to bring along a friend for moral support. Whether you bring along your best friend or your mother, a wing lady is always useful when visiting a new gynecologist. Talk to them before inviting your friend to ensure they are okay with it.

This tip is especially relevant if you're a teen girl making your first ever trip to a gynecologist. Most gynecological experts suggest inviting a mother to help talk you through the process and to calm your frayed nerves.

Making Small Talk

Once you're in the stirrups and ready for your examination, an overwhelming urge to make small talk may overtake both you and your new gynecologist. That's natural: women often feel compelled to chatter with their doctor due to their extreme nervousness.

While it may feel awkward (and forced) at first, it's actually a good idea to engage in these simple conversations. They will help break through the distance between you and your gynecologist and can help you two make a personal connection.

Dealing With Inappropriate Comments

So you're making pretty reasonable small talk with your gynecologist when they say something that comes out of nowhere that offends or confuses you. Stories involving inappropriate gynecologist comments are all around the web. For example, one actually complimented his patient's underwear right in front of the patient's husband.

Although a vast majority of gynecologists are professional enough to never even think about making these kinds of comments, they may still occur. Inappropriate gynecologist comments are not okay, even if you think the doctor is simply trying to be funny. Comments that make you feel uncomfortable should be reported to the proper authorities immediately.

Following these tips should make that new trip go a lot more smoothly. However, if you're still feeling awkward with your new gynecologist, sit down with them in a neutral situation and talk about it. Gynecologists, like those at South Ave Women's Services, are professional and want to make you feel comfortable.